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I'm a UK-based sound designer, specialising in game audio. The practice of creating new textures out of audio sources is a journey of constant fascination for me and in my work I strive to make gameplay more enveloping, impactful and emotive. From redesigns to audio implementation and asset creation I am adaptable but more importantly willing to learn.


Outside of sound design and video games, I am a drummer and also make a wide variety of noise. This ranges from harsh and glitchy to ambient and experimental with my collection of guitars, synths, effects and electronics. 

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Some of my favourite things


Forza (Motorsport & Horizon)

Assassin's Creed Odyssey

Cyberpunk 2077




Soundtoys 5 Collection

Softube Transient Shaper

Freakshow Industries Dumpster Fire

Klevgrand Rum

EastWest Spaces II


Zoom H6

Tascam M-06 Mixer

Soma Labs Lyra 8

Waldorf 2-pole Analog Filter

Elektron Model:Cycles

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